Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sunshine here we come!

Tomorrow.... or should I say, in about 8 hours, we'll be heading off to Florida.

We are SO excited! This is the first real trip/ vacation we've taken as a family. The past oh 4- 5 years we've been so knee high in kids and strollers and diapers that traveling any distance for a vacation seemed like an impossible idea.

Not anymore!

My parents are in Florida for three months this winter and have invited us down to hang out with them in Fort Myers. I think it's going to be so fun..... once we get there! ha! Oh it's only a 20 hour or so trip from here. We looked into flying but long story short, our budget allowed for driving. So driving we will go. 20 hours..... did I already say that??

We plan to leave at about 4 a.m. and simply take each hour as it comes. I have no idea when or what day we'll actually arrive in Fort Myers. We have no hotel reservations or anything like that for along the way. We'll just see how it goes and stop when necessary. I do however, have enough snacks packed to feed an army of children for about a week. So, there's that.

The boys are so excited too! So excited that their behavior was wild beyond wild today. Beyond! In an effort to check things off my to-do list this morning, I took the younger four to Target to buy DVDs and snacks for the car. Biggest. Mistake. Ever! I should have gone later in the day and alone! They were loading DVDs into the cart faster than I could field them. My instructions of, "Everyone pick one" were apparently not heard. At all.

And you should have seen the frenzy over choosing snacks. Once again, they were tossing everything in, while Everett constantly checked, "Is this gluten free?"  Bless his heart. Owen did his part by opening many of the snack bags and trying them out before we paid.

But here we are! The car is packed, a pizza just came out of the oven, and the kids are asleep, except for Colin. We are watching American Idol and then will go to bed.

I'm not sure how much I'll blog while on vacation but I'll be instagraming pictures from our trip for sure. If you're interested in following the Miller Vaca, follow here. :-)

Sunshine here we come!!

Colin is taking our old camera on vacation and was testing it out tonight while we packed. He kept saying, "All Miller boys, get over here!"

And then he insisted that we stop packing and take a family picture. So, we did.

Let's do this!

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