Monday, January 26, 2015

Chris travels and we survive

This past week, Chris had an opportunity to participate in a training in Toronto, so he was gone from Sunday until Friday. 

The week actually went much smoother than the last time he was away for work. That week resulted in a very sappy blog post about love, written out of sleep deprivation! We are so lucky that Chris doesn't have to travel frequently!

The boys and I did end up at the doctor's once following a scary hive attack that seemed to come out of nowhere. It happened while we were already out driving around (planning our Friday night adventures you know?). So it was easy to just take a detour to the doctor's office. (Also exciting on a Friday night). 

Everybody heads to the scale! One for all, all for one!

Colin made sure to tell everyone he encountered, that it was PAJAMA day at his school, lest anyone thought he was just gallivanting around in his PJ's at 5 pm

Waiting for strep test results, in a small room, with five bored boys, is SO FUN. 

Also, something miraculous has come out of this week! Pre Chris's trip, we were still driving Owen around at night to help him fall asleep. If there was a blizzard, we'd need to go to plan B which was to rock him endlessly. But this week, with Chris gone, I had to go with plan C! Plan C being, "go to bed, in your bed, when it's time for bed." Shockingly, he seemed ready for it! Almost as if he'd been waiting for us to get some courage and put him to bed like a big boy already! 

Tonight, I am shocked and delighted to share that at 6:58 pm I told Owen that he had "two more minutes" until bedtime and then at 7 pm, I took him upstairs, rocked him for a few minutes, then PUT HIM IN HIS BED AND HE LAID DOWN AND HE WENT TO SLEEP.  There were no tears. He simply watched me walk out and then went to bed. Imagine that! 

I can't even tell you how huge this is. This is right up there with the moment I realized the triplets could actually buckle themselves into their car seats independently. (Where as before I'd be going car seat to car seat strapping everyone in, all the while hanging over the seats in the most in unflattering and uncomfortable positions).

Here is his, the little man who goes to bed like a big boy now! He also started insisting on wearing underwear this week, because that's what all of his big boy brother's do. We compromised with big boy undies over a diaper. 

The other highlight of the week, for me, was that I was able to sneak away to have dinner with a few other triplet moms. Talking with other moms who have the shared experience of raising triplets (and in some cases triplets +), is like sitting in the most comfortable couch, having the best glass of wine ever and exhaling deeply. They get it, and that is so comforting and so rejuvenating. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! 

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Karen said...

Casey was gone that week, too! So tough being alone! I didn't have any doctor appts to deal with, either! Love the undies over diapers. Thomas insists on sitting on the potty every time he walks in the bathroom. he squeezes out a toot whenever he sits on there :)