Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When you were little.....

Wasn't building stuff out of boxes, the BEST ever?

Tonight, we helped the boys build their own houses out of boxes. It was so fun to watch them create! Each expressing their own unique style. 

Hello Carter!

Carter decided to create a pulley system using a swing hook that we have bolted into the ceiling, and string. So the way he'd get into his house, was by pulling up the box and crawling under. 

Oh hey Finney! Finn spent a lot of time decorating his front yard and his back yard. Later, he asked for special permission to eat his dinner in his house. Which was granted. I mean, how cute?!

Owen, who, though he didn't make a house, he loved "helping" everyone else. 

Colin. What a loved about his approach tonight, was that upon learning of our family activity, he ran straight upstairs to grab his "work overalls". I don't have a picture of him in his overalls but trust me, they are adorable. :-)

Everett told us that he didn't want his picture taken tonight.... which is always respected and why his special house isn't on the blog tonight :-)

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