Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's almost Halloween!!......

as Carter has been cryptically saying lately..... although it sounds more like,

"It's allllmost Halloweeeeeennnn!"

First though, I should tell you that I'm a sleep deprived hot mess right now. I cannot be responsible for any spelling errors or tangential thoughts. Fun fact about me: As a child, I used to have my mom pick me up from sleepovers before midnight, just so I wouldn't be tired the next day. Staying up all night was never my cup of tea. Even in college, I never, ever, pulled an all nighter. I hate to be tired and have always required at least 8 hours of sleep. Oh the irony!! I feel like I haven't sleep in years, really. I've got five wonderful reasons to not have had a good night sleep but still.... what I wouldn't give for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

So, this last week has not been good in the sleep department. But we still managed to enjoy a few pre-Halloween festivities this weekend and those were really fun!

First up was a costume parade at Colin's school.

Our attempt at a family picture.
It was a really fun night and what made it even more fun, was that my parents could be there with us.

On Saturday, we went to Treats and Trails at our local Outdoor Discovery Center. This is the second year that we've gone and I think it will be a tradition that continues. Think nature trails at sunset, trick or treating, hot chocolate, s'mores, and other kid centered activities.  It's so much fun!

Ready to hit the trails!

S'more pit stop!

Also, it seems like only yesterday when Colin wore this giraffe costume. When I went back to see if their was a picture of Colin in this outfit, I couldn't believe the resemblance.

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Lachelle said...

Hi there, I stumbled across your blog and can't wait to read more. I have twin girls (5 years old) and 5 step children. I, like you, am incredibly blessed.