Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple picking

This afternoon we went apple picking with the boys. It was HOT and Finn forgot to bring shoes. Other than that, it was super fun.

We love "You Pick" opportunities because the cost is usually less, it's more fun and also because over the last year or so, we've gotten more into freezing and/or canning what we can for winter. Today we hoped to pick a good amount of apples so that we can make apple sauce and can it.

Okay, seriously?! Our boys are machines. Apple picking machines. Not to stereotype all boys but speaking for my boys and my experience as a boy mom, boys like tasks and today, our boys saw their job as "Must pick apples. Big, red, unbruised apples." And boy did they deliver! In about 15-20 minutes they had 100 lbs. picked. They didn't want to stop even though we had PLENTY for today. Chris and I laughed and laughed. We couldn't believe it!

Yeah, so, raising a whole crew of boys? Makes bedtime very difficult..... But also makes picking your own fruit, very fast and efficient!

Of course, we couldn't visit the apple orchard without going on a hay ride.

This could be either titled, "Family Hayride Picture " or "The picture that reminds Mommy to call her colorist" ASAP. Yikes.

Also, this brings back memories from doing these same activities fall of 2012. I was newly pregnant with Owen and felt SO SICK. Amazing how much the boys have grown and changed in just two years time.


Kathryn said...

Just looking at this and Sophia says, "Who are they?" pointing at the last picture. I said, "They are my friend's kids."


She lives a sheltered life.

Mama to four little blessings! said...

hahaha. This made me laugh so hard. I love it! If she lived closer, I'd be counting the days till she could babysit :-)