Friday, September 26, 2014

This week

Dear Colin,

This morning I got to go with you on your first kindergarten field trip. It was so fun. I think you have such a great teacher and a wonderful group of kids in your class. It seems like you are making friends and very happy, which in turn, makes us so happy!

Hayride with my boy

Other snippets from the week:

Since starting school again, Colin has been very into playing school at home. Finn, God bless him, has been the only one willing to go along with this play idea. Basically Finn sits at the table, while Colin, the teacher, sits at his desk and teaches him all sorts of stuff.... and I'm just going to say it, sometimes it comes off a little bossy. You are a good sport Finn!

Story time for the younger boys.

It has been a week of warm, beautiful weather and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend too. We're planning to hit up the apple orchard tomorrow. I'm hoping my crew picks enough apples that we can make and can applesauce on Sunday because I know come January we're going to appreciate it.

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