Tuesday, September 30, 2014

12 Month Photo Project- September

Finny. I know I posted this same picture in the previous post but I don't care. I love this picture of him. He's so sweet. And shoeless. 

Everett, having a ball picking apples!

Owen. This is a picture taken with my craptastic, shattered i phone. But I like it because it's so Owen, right now. We'll have a morning adventure with the trips and on the way home, he just can't help it, he always falls asleep. 

Colin, loving life and obsessed with wanting to build a tree house in the back yard. He talks about it all the time and occasionally will take a piece of wood and start hammering it into the trunk of his chosen tree. Today, Chris and Colin looked at options on the computer, you know, to get a sense of what he's thinking for this treehouse. As a side note, this is the one he said was most closely aligned to his vision:

Yeah, I'm turning this one over to Chris. 

and this.... this is such a Carter look. I found a few pictures on my phone and one on my big camera of this same face. In this picture, he's at the ready! Ready to help Colin build that treehouse. 

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