Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day of Preschool for Colin

Back in September of 2012 when Colin first started preschool, he did not want to go. He was so worried and anxious about school and it was hard to leave him on that first day. Remember that??

He has grown so much in these last two years of preschool. Preschool should be all about learning to love school, building relationships with peers and teachers, and playing. By those measures, his time in preschool has been a huge success. He knows now that school is a fun place to learn and make friends, which makes him talk with more excitement than nervousness about what kindergarten will be like.

After school, Chris and I both picked him up (it was a surprise for him to see Chris there too) and took him out to brunch to celebrate. Just the three of us. We let him order whatever he wanted, which was chocolate milk, one donut and three pancakes with butter, whip cream and syrup. We talked about how proud we are of him, asked him what he wants to do this summer (catch a frog, duh!) and talked a touch about how he'll be a big time kindergartner come fall. We said that in celebration of preschool ending, and because he'd worked so hard, he could get an aquarium to keep his future frog in.

He was very happy.

At one point, in between bites of donut and soaking up alone time with mom and dad he announced emphatically, "I'm so glad God made me!" 

Chris and I laughed our heads off.

And, we agree completely! You are a miracle straight from God.

"Mom, this is my frog catching cart. See, my net and my cage and my shovel to dig in the sand." (Last time he caught a frog it was buried in the sand, probably enjoying a nap when Colin found him)

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