Tuesday, May 20, 2014

12 Month Photo Project- May

Getting out my camera to capture the boys, each month.
 I'm not trying to do this in any sort of edited, picture perfect way... in case that's not self evident! haha. I don't have that level of skill.... nor the time to fancily edit. Plus, my boys are almost always dirty and I'm cool with that. My goal is to try and capture a piece of who they are and what they're enjoying during this moment of their childhood.
(These pictures were taken on the afternoon of May 19) 


This is Colin's last week of preschool. Then we'll have all summer together before he heads off to full day kindergarten!! I'm excited to have him home everyday, although grateful for the wonderful preschool experience he's had. We'll miss Mrs. Sauer! Although I see so much of Chris in him, he will always have my eyes. :)


I chose this picture of Carter because you can see his shoes. He thinks his "running shoes" are the bees knees and wears them every chance he gets. He also loves to run. Yesterday at the gym he ran lap after lap around the track, without getting tired, while the other boys were far less interested. Like with Colin, I see SO much of Chris in Carter.... except now that I'm seeing this love of running emerge, I think to myself, "Maybe parts of me are in there". (As a kid I loved running too. I'd run every chance I got. Anywhere, anytime.)


This is such an Everett pose. I was getting my camera out and he thought it was hilarious to run in front of it to block my view. I'd say, "What are you doing?!" all dramatically and he'd laugh his great big Everett laugh. Over and over.


This is where you'll find Finn most afternoons. Driving in HIS car. It's not really his.... but it is. Everyone seems to respect that he's laid claim to that car. He drives lots of places, like to work and the grocery store and the gas station. He's also never far from his froggy backpack. See it there in the trunk? ;)


Colin was the first of our boys to ride in this blue car and now Owen enjoys it so much! He has spent a lot of time in this blue car over the past month! I cannot believe that he's going to be one year old in a week. Seriously, I'm in denial! I wonder when he'll grow some hair.....

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