Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear Boys,

I had such a fun day with each of you today. It was a beautiful day first of all and made me SO THANKFUL for spring. It doesn't seem that long ago our driveway was lined by mountainous piles of snow and I'm determined not to take one day of this nice weather for granted!

Today after Colin's preschool, we went to the Nature Center for a picnic and a walk along the trails. We spotted frogs and turtles and heard many birds. You guys soaked it all up. You're always asking questions like, "What do frogs eat?" "What do turtles eat?" "What bird made that sound?" It's funny because I find myself having to google so many of the answers! But that's part of our process I suppose. Together, we figure it out. Also, your nanny Jordyn is thankfully a huge nature lover! She is such a good match for you boys in so many ways!

Spotting Turtles
After the nature center, we stopped by Kollen Park, which is a playground nestled along Lake Macatawa. We hadn't been there since last summer and it felt SO good to be back. There were a few ducks and one speed boat spotted on the lake.

Finn, Carter, Everett, Colin (Owen was being held)
This evening, after dinner, you guys helped Daddy spread mulch while Owen and I watched you and I tried to keep him from eating any bark or grass. Watching you all hard at work, I felt such gratitude for each one of you. Not only because you are such worker bees who I'm sure will keep my lawn looking lovely for years and years to come. :-) But just because you are so darn cute! You do everything just like you see Chris doing it. You each watch him intently, such as how he holds the shovel and moves the dirt....  Then you try and do it just the same. Watching that process unfold again and again makes me smile so much.

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