Friday, April 11, 2014

Jordyn gets married

Last Friday, our nanny Jordyn, got married to a great guy named Neil (which by the way it feels a little weird calling Jordyn our "nanny". At this point, she's really more like a family member!). The triplets were their ring bearers. You may have seen video footage of them strolling down the aisle on our Instagram account but here it is again, because I can't get enough! :-)

To back up for a second, Thursday night we had such a great time at the rehearsal dinner with the older boys, Colin, Carter, Finn and Everett.

It was the first time we'd ever been in The Bissell Tree House at the Grand Rapids Zoo and it was quite impressive! I loved the view of the city. It's located on top of a hill overlooking the zoo and the city. The boys kept trying to spy animals but no luck.

When it came time for the actual wedding, it was no surprise that Jordyn looked radiant. So happy,  peaceful and confident. So her.

By the time we found Jordyn almost two years ago, we'd interviewed A LOT of potential nannies and had reached a point where we worried that we wouldn't find another great fit for our family. Jordyn was the last person we interviewed and was the only one who came inside and immediately sat on the floor amongst the boys. Everyone else who interviewed sat on the couch and spoke to us first, the children second. With Jordyn, any "interviewing" she did with Chris and I, she did from the floor, while playing. We knew immediately she was the one!

I couldn't help but remember back to that first afternoon when at her wedding, she came up to the boys and sat right down on the floor to be at their level. In her wedding dress!!

We are so happy for Jordyn and Neil and feel so blessed to have been a part of their wedding!

Loved the pink dress that she greeted everyone in!

The best family picture we could muster up

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