Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fire Truck Birthday Party!

The triplets wanted a fire truck birthday and so we did the best we could to give them one! 

Everett was too excited to nap before the party so here he is practicing holding up three fingers, while we finished decorating.

When Finn and Carter got up from their nap, it was time to start the party! (although Carter looks like he's still waking up! :)

One of my favorite moments of the day was Carter's reaction when he opened up a big wheel bike. You can kind of see his face in the picture below. Colin has a big wheel and Carter drools over it, always asking for a turn with it. When he realized what he was opening he kept saying, "ME VERY OWN! ME VERY OWN!" He was one happy clam. Even Colin knows it's a big deal, just look at those hands on his head.

This year I decided to try and bake their birthday cakes myself because I assumed three fire engine cakes would be pricey. I am NOT a baker or artistic at all so this felt very daunting to me! Luckily I found a fire engine cake pan on Amazon and from there I just did the best I could. In hindsight I should have bought three cake pans. It would have saved some time! Just when I was feeling pretty bad about my ability and how the cakes were turning out, Colin walked in and said, "Mom that is the coolest cake ever!" which made me laugh and remember all that matters is what they think. They seemed to love the cakes and weren't complaining when they were chowing down on them!

Happy Birthday, Carter!

Carter, you are such a sweet boy. At three, you tell us "me shy" but what I want you to know is that you're also such a leader and I see how the others follow you. You have a quiet power to you and you use it thoughtfully. (and sometimes you are not so quiet! haha. In our home, "me shy" goes out the window!). 


Happy Birthday, Everett!

Colin once said that your super power would be that you make friends easily. You do. Also, you are brave. You dare to be fully yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve.


Happy Birthday, Finn!

Finny, you crack me up so hard with your antics. At three, you love to tell secrets, only you think that the protocol for telling a secret is to press your ear against my ear and then start talking. One day I'll teach you the correct way but not anytime soon because it makes me smile so hard every time you come over and tell me a secret.


Everett wasted no time on the cake and dug right into the wheel!

Finley and Carter opted for pieces of the ladder.

Wanna know why Chris and I are smiling in this next picture?

A) because we have three awesome three year olds- and two other cool dudes running around

B) because we are deliriously sleep deprived from last minute planning and staying up until 2 a.m. baking cakes

C) because the March madness birthday month has successfully come to an end!!!

D) all of the above

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