Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brother's just know

Before I get to the triplet's birthday party details I want to share something I thought was so sweet and so telling about the bond of siblings. Before the trip's birthday, I took Colin to Target and told him that he could pick out gifts for Finn, Carter and Everett. I thought it would take forever for a five year old to pick out gifts. I thought maybe it would be hard for him to focus on others and not get ideas for himself. I thought he'd need help and guidance to find appropriate gifts for each of them.

However, Colin knew exactly what he wanted for each brother and they weren't things I'd have necessarily chosen. He was adamant about a jack hammer for Carter. "Are you sure he wants one of these?"

 "Mom, he really wants one of these!"

He chose a Disney puzzle assortment for Finn. "Are you sure?" I'd asked. 

"Yup! I'm sure."

Finally, he picked out a pretend birthday cake for Everett. "I saw him playing with this toy at Edie's house and he really liked it."

His presents were the first ones that his brothers got to open as soon as they woke up on their birthday morning. They LOVED what he'd chosen for each of them and Colin stood there with his arms crossed, proud as could be.

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