Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Chris!

If you follow this blog on Instagram you already know that my birthday gift to Chris was surprising him with a quick trip to Chicago. We had such a great time!

The morning of his birthday, which was Saturday, I got up with the boys and from the crack of dawn they were saying, "Let's wake up Daddy for his birthday!" It was hard thinking of creative ways to keep them busy while letting Chris sleep a little.

Colin decorated the house and had Chris's favorite cereal out and ready to go, hours before I hoped to wake Chris. It was an opportunity to explain the concept of soggy cereal and why we may want to wait a bit before adding the milk.

Colin, decorating the chairs
When Chris came downstairs, we had breakfast and then brought him his gifts. The thing about a house  with a five year old and a bunch of almost three year olds is that they can't wait for presents, giving or receiving!

The bag was filled with little presents from the boys, many of which they picked out themselves. There were items such as work gloves and a flashlight (by pure coincidence, gifts they're also looking forward to using themselves, sneaky boys!).

At the bottom of the bag was a card telling him to pack the bag because we were leaving for Chicago. WITHOUT KIDS!

"Who's going to watch the boys???" was first thing he said. I reassured him that it was taken care of. About a half hour later, my parents arrived.

My parents really made this weekend happen! They are so awesome with our lively boys! Somehow they even got the boys to bed by 8:15 which is something we haven't achieved in months upon months. I'll take this as a sign that we should get out of town more often :)

In Chicago, we had dinner with friends at a delicious restaurant. Great food, wine flowing and dear friends, what more could you want? I could tell Chris was having so much fun relaxing and catching up with his college roommates, which made me happy.

He deserves it.

A few pictures from the day:

Good morning birthday boy!

When we got back from Chicago, I spent Sunday night searching Amazon for fire truck birthday party themed items because next up we have the triplets birthday, this Saturday! They want a fire truck birthday party which I think will be really fun. I'm going to do my best to make it happen! The parties never stop in March for the Millers..... :-)


Kathryn said...

Which means that now you are due to have a weekend rendezvous with YOUR college roommate...:-)

Mama to four little blessings! said...

Haha Kate! How fun would that be?! I'd love to pick your brain about how you find the time to write all these books! Amazing!