Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013: Santa's early delivery

On Sunday morning we had our family Christmas at home which gave Santa a chance to deliver a few big items early, before leaving for my parents house. It also allowed us some special family time which last year we realized we enjoyed too.

Here are the boys waiting for the go ahead to run downstairs:

Wait, where's Owen? :)

Alright, now the crew is complete. :)

Whataya know? Big boy beds under the tree!!!

The triplets actually had a very casual response to these. They seemed happy but cool and collected. Not quite what we were expecting.

Also, Colin got a REAL drill. Funny story about this drill is that it was a last minute gift. We thought that we should have something for him to open since the triplets were getting beds, so Chris picked up a ten dollar drill at Menards.

People, this drill has not been out of his possession since being unwrapped!! He has even been sleeping with it. On Sunday night he ended up crawling in bed with us in the middle of the night. At 5 a.m. I rolled over and there next to my pillow, in between Coin and I, was the drill!

The other big gift I alluded to in this post was a bounce house.

It's huge but Thankfully it JUST fits at one end of our basement. It's an indoor/ outdoor one but obviously in the winter it will live indoors.

The boys were pretty shocked to find a bounce house in the basement and have been enjoying it so much. It's kind of a gift to Chris and I too because it occupies them and tires them out!!

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