Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wait, you're telling me it's New Years Eve??

I almost forgot amongst all the temperature taking, fever monitoring, puke cleaning, child soothing and lack of sleep that has been the past 48 hours. Finn and I (knocking on wood right now!) are not sick but everyone else is.

Last night:

8:30 p.m.- We get the older boys settled (they all share a room and it can take a while)

8:30-9:30- I feed Owen and try and get him to bed (Owen is a complete night owl. He TOTALLY gets that the nights are HIS time with Mommy and Daddy- no interruptions! Even if he goes down to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 is always gets back up for more fun!)

9:30- Colin is up and all out of sorts, but his fever seems to have broken. I bring him downstairs and hold him by the Christmas tree. He asks me if its his turn in the tunnel. "You know, the one that owl built". WHHHAAT?! I think he was half asleep and still dreaming.

10:00- Chris gets on a work call that will go very late. No better night ;)

10:30- After holding Colin for awhile I decide to go to bed, that way I'll get a good night sleep which will be important since the boys will most likely be sick again in the morning and since Chris will be up so late.

11:00- I fall asleep

11:15- Carter is up and feeling horrible

11:30- I settle him and get back in bed. I fall asleep

12:15- Carter is up again. Chris is off his call and takes him into the guest room to help him settle.

12:30- Now I can't sleep so I read on my phone. I'm just waiting, WAITING for the next kid to get sick.

1:00- I decide it's safe to fall asleep.

1:30- Everett is up sick.

2:00- I climb back in bed and this wakes up Colin. He rolls over and says, "Yogurt please Mommy"

I kid you not! I had to seriously laugh out loud (but not loud enough to wake Owen!)

And so the night went.....

Now Chris is upstairs waiting for the boys to fall asleep and I just got Owen to bed too. He'll be up again soon I'm sure!

Once Chris gets down here, we're going to open a bottle of wine and watch some t.v. shows. I've got pizza dough in the oven. Yup, wild and crazy night over here!

In the grand scheme of things though, we are doing great and even on this illness filled night, my heart is truly filled with gratitude. We are getting to go through this life with five amazing boys. We have incredible families and wonderful friends.

2013 was an incredible year for us. It brought us Owen.

My favorite day of 2013.

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