Saturday, December 21, 2013

Goodbye cribs, hello big boy beds!

The boys received a letter today which arrived all the way from the North Pole. It was from Santa and apparently Santa has a few big gifts that he can't haul all the way to Mom-mom and Pop-pop's house for Christmas (aka, not all the gifts will fit in our minivan!).

So tonight the boys left out snack for Santa and his Reindeer and they are SO excited to see what Santa brings.

I'm excited too because I know how thrilled the triplets will be when they see three BIG BOY BEDS under the tree. From the first time someone asked them what they wanted for Christmas, they've always all said, "I want a big boy bed like Colin." It surprised Chris and I when we heard that because we hadn't ever discussed it with them. But it had obviously been on their mind! I think they are going to freak out with excitement!

Tonight amongst the busyness of bedtime, I almost, almost forgot that tonight will be the triplets LAST night in their cribs. When I realized this, I had a little twinge of sadness (and ran to get my camera!). My teeny little babies are growing up and it's happening so fast.

But that's part of the deal right? New exciting milestones means we must also say goodbye to stages past.

So, goodbye cribs

Finn, little does he know what awaits him in the morning :)

And Owen, Merry Christmas to you too! You get a BRAND NEW CRIB! Your pick :)

Just what you wanted, right?!

(Owen, who is almost 7 months doesn't have a crib yet. I refused to buy a fourth crib, I mean seriously! So he sleeps with us and seems perfectly happy with that but he'll need a crib eventually!)

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