Monday, December 9, 2013

Chi Town, Buzz and Woody

It's Monday morning and it's early as I write this. Very early! Owen has already fallen back asleep and I can hear Chris playing with the boys downstairs.

We are back in the thick of parenthood but this past weekend we were on hiatus for two days, and two nights! Chris and I snuck away to Chicago to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary and my parents and Jordyn watched the boys. Although we've been away from the boys for a night, we've never gone away for a whole weekend. Not for five years! This was a big deal!

Clearly we love our boys. LOVE them. But arriving in Chicago without kids.... it kinda felt like getting out of jail for a bit! We felt FREE! It was the weirdest feeling. We could do anything we wanted! The world was our oyster!

Heading into the weekend, we made no plans and had no reservations at any restaurants. So much of our daily life lately is based around schedules and routine that it felt wonderful to just fly by the seat of our pants and approach the weekend with zero firm plans. Even though we hadn't made reservations ahead of time, we managed to get into a restaurant that you usually need to make reservations months in advance! We called and they'd had a cancellation so we jumped at it! The whole weekend seemed to fall into place like that.

I feel so grateful to my parents and Jordyn who made this weekend possible! Caring for the boys can be a 24 hour job as Owen still gets up through the night and usually at least one other boy will be up too! But they acted like it was all no problem, which helped us be able to fully relax and enjoy the weekend!

While it was nice to get time just us, it was also nice to return to our boys. We'd bought them Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls at the Disney store, thinking they'd make great Christmas gifts but then when we arrived home, we couldn't wait to give them to the boys!

The boys went crazy over Buzz and Woody! Ahhh, it was so fun to watch them open the gifts and see the looks on their faces. It makes me look even more forward to Christmas!

Here they are waiting to open the presents. Since we weren't planning on giving them these gifts yet, they weren't even wrapped. I scoured the house looking for a bag to wrap each one in.

I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the boys! Ha!

Actually Colin almost lost his mind with excitement! It was so fun to watch! Colin and Carter received Buzz and Finn and Everett received Woody.

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