Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8

Today I am thankful that we live close to our parents. I grew up in Michigan but since high school I've lived in Boston, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington D.C, Madagascar, The Philippines and Chicago. Since moving back to Michigan we are now only two hours from both my parents and my in-laws. Compared to how far the commutes home used to be, two hours feels really close! I'm so grateful that our boys know their grandparents so well and see them so often.

Last weekend we went to visit my in-laws and they babysat the boys while Chris and I got to see ND play Navy. Soooo nice!

This weekend I'm visiting my parents with the boys. Chris is at home getting stuff done around the house. This afternoon we all took the boys to swim at a local indoor pool. It was SO fun!

Playing basketball with Pop-Pop after swimming!

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