Monday, September 30, 2013

The triplets can climb out of their cribs and other weekend news....

Early this morning I was awakened by Carter, who pushed the door open with a bang and ran to my side, Colin trailing right behind him.

"Mommy! Carter is out of his crib!!" Colin yelled.

I was still half asleep, but I knew..... we were stepping into new territory.

For a while now we felt that the triplets probably could get out of their cribs, although they never did. All that changed this weekend!

Tonight, bedtime was ATROCIOUS. Chris had gone to the store and Carter and Finn wouldn't stop climbing out of their cribs. Then Owen started crying hard and Everett took off his pj's and diaper. I poured myself a glass of wine which then ended up spilling all over the upstairs carpet. Ohmygoodness was it a hard 45 min. before Chris got home!!!!

In other news, my Aunt Pat and my mom came to visit this weekend. My Aunt Pat is one of the most wonderful people you'll ever meet and our boys fell in love with her! Everett even insisted that she dress him for bedtime! I'm so thankful that she was able to make the trip and we had a blast picnicking by the beach, going for ice cream and just catching up.

My last bit of weekend news is that on Saturday I did something that I'd almost given up hoping would ever happen again. I ran a 5k road race while my boys cheered me on!

Running used to be like breathing to me. I LOVED to run. In 2005 a neck injury caused my running to come to a screeching halt. I've tried everything from physical therapy to acupuncture to chiropractic adjustments to try and relieve the pain but nothing worked. After a few years I gave up and I tried not to think about how much I missed running.

Then about a year and a half ago I was introduced to pilates and pilates has ended up being a lifesaver to me. It has strengthened and healed my body in ways I never imaged were possible after my neck injury and three back to back pregnancies. Until a year and a half ago, I'd never even tried pilates. However, the strength I've gained from pilates, coupled with my love of running (which never went away) has motivated me to give it one more try.

One month ago I started to run/ walk around the block and slowly, slowly built up to where I ran 3 miles last Tuesday. This was a huge accomplishment! On Friday, at the last minute, I decided to sign up for a local 5k race which happened Saturday. I hadn't run a road race in almost 10 years!

Those of you who also love running will understand how truly exhilarating it felt to cross that finish line! I didn't run nearly as fast as I once did but it didn't matter. What mattered to me was just that I was able to participate, that my children were able to watch me run, and that I finished the race.

I'm not stopping here! Now that I've experienced that runner's high again, I have renewed hope.

During the last mile of the race yesterday, I tucked in behind a woman who seemed to be in her fifties, running with a teenage boy. It seemed obvious that they were mother and son. As I followed them to the finish line I kept thinking, "Maybe one day I'll get to run with my boys". That's the big dream, not to win any races, but just to be healthy enough to run with my sons. Who knows, maybe one or more of them will love running as much as I did do.

My cheering section (my mom is taking the picture).
Look a little more enthused guys!!!! :)
HUGE props to Chris and my Mom for helping to get the boys up and out of the house at the crack of dawn!

The start. It was a beautiful day!

Finish line

"Where am I and why am I wearing a bear outfit?"

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