Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baby Owen is 4 months!

We all call Owen, "Baby Owen" and I'm not even sure how that exactly came about. I wonder if he thinks that's his name! However, when I was pregnant and explaining to the younger boys that there was a baby inside my growing belly, we talked a lot about "the baby". We called him "the baby" because at that point we hadn't for sure decided on Owen as his name. Then when we finally did, somehow we still kept the "baby" part. 

Baby Owen.

The boys will say, "Hi baby Owen!" or "I want to sit by Baby Owen!!!" or "Can I hold Baby Owen?" Always referring to him as "Baby Owen". I'm curious to see how long this lasts!

In any case, our Baby Owen turned 4 months today! It's always my mom who reminds me with a text because frankly I'm lucky to know what day it is! Today her text said, "Happy 4 month birthday Owen!" To which I replied, "Ohmygoodness!!!!!" because seriously, time is going WAY too fast and as always I hadn't even realized the date was upon us! 

So I bathed him. It'd been a while and I knew I wanted to try and get a picture of him today. Owen splashed around in his bath, loving every minute, as always. Afterward, I dried him off, laid his naked little rolly polly self on a blanket and grabbed my camera. 

At four months, Owen is sweet as can be!

He loves to laugh and laughs a lot! I'll never forget the first time he REALLY laughed, just a few weeks ago. He was laying on my knees looking up at me and I was saying, "I'm gunna kiss you..." and then kissing his cheeks. I expected him to smile but the laugh caught me off guard. In the best of ways :)

He likes to chew on his hands, 

and his arm :)

Owen is such a happy baby and we are so grateful for that! As long as he gets to sleep with Mommy and nurse at night, he's happy as a clam all day! Yup, you read that right. He likes to sleep right next to me and right now nurses A LOT at night. Sometimes it bothers me, like when I wake up and my arm and neck are all kinked because I've been sleeping in a weird position. Or when I'm tired from being up nursing. Mostly though, I just enjoy it because I know these days pass quickly. 

 Right now as I write this, he's asleep next to me, with his little chin tucked and those chubby cheeks hanging out. He looks so peaceful.

Love you little man,

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