Monday, October 7, 2013

Fire truck Parade!!!!!

Oh. My. Goodness!!!! (as Finn would say)

On Friday night we attended a Fire truck parade in our town. It was such a fun night for our family! The boys are WAY in to fire trucks, firemen and basically all rescue vehicles. So this was right up their alley!

The parade was led by two police officers on motorcycles, flashing lights and all. The boys went CRAZY! After that, it was one super cool fire truck after another. 

The best analogy I can give to encapsulate their excitement is this: Remember my friend Oprah's audience? and how CRAZY with excitement they could get? If you've forgotten, just go 20 seconds into this clip:

Okay, so maybe the boys reaction wasn't THAT intense but close :-)

After the parade, the trucks parked by the civic center and the firefighters welcomed families to explore the trucks and ambulances. 

They also had rescue demonstrations and fire hoses for the kids to practice. All the activities focused on fire safety education. I think it's fabulous that the town does this for families!

As I've said in other posts, it's hard to find family activities for us to do that aren't expensive or unmanageable with five under five. This event was perfect for our family!

We didn't get home until almost nine and the boys went to bed easily. After they were asleep Chris and I stayed up talking about how great the night was and re-living different moments experienced by each child. 

I'm sure that the boys will also be talking about the night of the fire truck parade for a long time!

Waiting for the parade to start
Still waiting.... Everett thinks he sees something :-)

Walking through an ambulance

Colin, practicing getting out of a smoke filled house

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