Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer went out with a bang!

We spent the last week of summer on our family vacation right here in Holland, MI!

The week flew by and now suddenly it's September!

Typically, we each take a night on vacation and cook dinner, usually laying the food out buffet style. This trip we most often ate outside on a picnic table overlooking the lake, while watching/ playing with the children in the back yard. One night while sitting at the picnic table my dad laughed and said, "What do you guys notice?" 

I hadn't a clue what he was referring to by kyle did.

"The original five!"

I looked around and he was right. The only people left at the picnic table just happened to be my mom, dad, kyle, gavin and me. We all had a good laugh because we can't remember the last time it's been just the five of us at a table. It was kinda weird/ funny because we're all so grown and yet in that moment I had flash backs to all those times as a kid, sitting around similar picnic tables on family vacations (usually camping trips) with the four of them. 
My family. 

And now we've grown much bigger! 

Reese and Owen were the newest members this year.

We spent A LOT of time at the beach

Owen liked to nap at the beach under the tent.

Sometimes with company


Owen also turned 3 months on this trip!

A little known fact about me is that I generally don't swim in lakes or oceans... or ponds... basically any water except a pool. I know, weird. I love to swim, just not where there are other creatures swimming as well.

And yet, my boys managed to drag me into the water this trip. 

"Mommy come on, let's go swimming!" they'd say in their adorable little voices.

And I would. Those boys.... they get me every time.

We celebrated my mom's birthday.

 And my brother Gavin's birthday. 

On G's birthday, we went paddle boarding which was so fun!

Don't even ask me why we're posing like that. 

We also rented a pontoon boat and watched the sunset. 

Loved watching these kids play together! They had so much fun!!

Lastly, we watched a lot of beautiful michigan sunsets!

Till next year....

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