Friday, August 30, 2013

Vacation Time!

We are on vacation!

I thought I'd have time to blog but as it turns out I've been very busy doing things like this:

That's Owen and I laying in the hammock enjoying the breeze. He's yawning and fell asleep just after this picture. I could have laid there all day with him sleeping on my chest. 

Each year my parents generously take our whole family on vacation. We've met up in Michigan City, IN., Manistee, MI. and this year Holland, MI.

And yup, Holland is where we live! :)

It's been wonderful! My parents, brothers, sister in law, and nieces all stay at a lake house only a few minutes from our house. Each morning we get up and head over there to spend the day at the beach and do all things vacation. Then each day around nap time and bedtime we're able to come home and put the boys to sleep, in their own beds. I feel like we've been able to enjoy all the fun of vacation without having to pack up all our stuff, including enough pack in plays and gear for five littles! 

Back to chasing my littles on the beach and sneaking time with Owen in the hammock.

I have lots of pictures I'm excited to share though. 

What a great vacation this has been!

Here are the cousins last night after coming up from the beach!

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