Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friday night

Tonight the older boys had a hard time falling asleep. I ended up in their room making up stories about "Charlie the junior firefighter" and "Roger the police officer Toad" for what seemed like a loooong time. Don't even ask how I came up with those titles! However, the boys are WAY into fire engines and other rescue vehicles and we just found a toad living in our basement window well. I know any story involving rescue vehicles should capture their attention! Owen rested against my shoulder while I paced the room and made up stories, praying the boys would think they made sense and that the stories would settle them. 

Finally they fell asleep.

Then Chris left to do work at a coffee shop and I popped Owen on my back in the Ergo carrier. We made these granola bars while watching Project Runway on my i pad. Every now and again I'd catch our reflection in the window and see his cute little face looking all around. His little face and those cubby cheeks always make me smile.

At a certain point I felt him get heavier and rest his head against my back. I knew he was asleep.

Now he's in a swing next to me while I write and wait for Chris to get home. Soon as he does, we're going to relax and watch a show. Probably pop some popcorn. 

I was just thinking about how it was almost one year ago that I found out I was pregnant. We were so shocked. Happy, but shocked! Now I cannot IMAGINE our life without Owen and I'm grateful every day that we were blessed with him. 

All our boys are little miracles to us. Here they are getting ready to watch ND on Saturday. Go Irish! :)

***We have to watch the games on our computer because we don't have cable. We're a Roku family and I only miss cable in the fall :(

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