Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clan of brothers

Well... I wrote this post a few weeks ago and thought I posted it. Turns out I didn't! So here it is.... and it still makes me smile thinking back on that sweet afternoon watching the boys play. :)

Today, when were all playing on the floor in the playroom I decided to lay Owen on his tummy with the support of his Boppy pillow (you know, to get in that tummy time and also so that he could watch his brothers from a new vantage point). It was the first time he'd used the Boppy pillow in that way.

As soon as I put him down he was surrounded by his brothers!

Brothers wanting nothing more than to be a part of his experience.

They smiled at him, brought him toys, stared into his eyes,

and even dangled their stinky feet in his face in case he wanted a sniff. {BOYS!!}

Actually, I think Carter wanted to show him how dirty his feet were. 
Owen seemed to love it all though. He was thoroughly entertained!

I love how they *love* Owen and how they embraced him into their little clan from the start. I realized watching them, that Owen will always have this. He'll always have big brothers looking out for him and that makes me happy. It makes me happy for all of them, that they have each other.

Although it can be exhausting day to day, moments like these remind me of the positive aspects to having triplets and children close in age. It's like having built in best friends for life!

"Want this toy? How about this toy? Or this toy?" and on and on....

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Kathryn said...

These pictures are absolutely precious. My dad is one of eleven, ten boys. He is #4, born within 4 1/2 years of each other. My dad will often comment that he does not have friends (which he does), but he has his brothers. The brothers that he has been close with has changed over the years, but while they all have outside friends, the brothers come first. Your boys are lucky (for so many reasons)!