Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday smiles.

Owen, every morning when I wake up to you snuggled up against me, my first thought is always one of gratitude. We are so thankful for you Owen! So blessed to have you a part of our family! 

This morning you waited patiently in your swing while we dressed your big brothers and sent them outside. 

Then it was your turn. As I weaved your arms and legs through shirt and pant holes, you just kept looking up at me, smiling and cooing. 

So I sat you in the rocking chair by the window and took some pictures before heading off to the park. You made me laugh because it almost seemed like you were posing for the camera!

11 weeks already.

Growing up fast little man!

Such an" Owen" look!
Someday soon I need to get out pictures of your big brother Colin at your age. You guys look soooo much alike!

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