Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The key to not losing my mind, is somewhere at the farmer's market

Let me set the stage.

We are just leaving the farmer's market. I've fed Owen just enough to tie him over until we can get home and I can nurse him more comfortably. We get the boys out of the stroller, load them up, buckle them in and unload all of our fruits and veggies. Jordyn lifts the 10 ton stroller into the back of the van.

It's noon so the boys are hungry for lunch. It's been somewhat of a trying morning so I too am looking forward to lunch.... because lunch is followed by nap-time and nap-time is when I re-fuel.

"Umm, where are the car keys?"

We look everywhere in the car. The keys are nowhere.

We unload the massive stroller and search it completely.

No keys.

Where could they be?! And seriously, what kind of mother am I that I can't keep track of car keys. I see no other mother in this parking lot unable to leave because she's lost her keys. No question that I'm not the most organized mom on the block... not even close. Never will be. But I should be able to take my kids to the farmer's market without loosing the car keys! Right?!

"Boys, do any of you know where Mommy's keys are??"

"Farmer's market?" Two of the triplets say. Colin and Everett say nothing.

"What does that mean, farmer's market? Where in the farmer's market? Did you see the keys??? Tell mommy." But I know it's useless to try and ask these questions of a two year old! I'm getting nowhere talking through this with them so I venture back into the market.

I return to every vendor we bought from (which today, were a lot!). No one has seen the keys.

I run over to the grassy area, where I nursed Owen and the boys ate apples on a picnic blanket. Surely the keys are in the grass somewhere. I'll pick them up and we'll be on our way.

But they're not there. They're literally nowhere to be found.

Finally, I'm directed to go into the Civic Center, which is next to the market and where lost and found items are often turned in. I race in (hurrying because I'm just sure the hungry boys are a mess waiting all this time in the car). Once at the office I ask if anyone has turned in keys.

"Sorry Ma'am, no keys here. Do you want to leave your name and phone number in case someone turns them in?"

I am on the verge of tears at this point. I speed walk back to the car and see Jordyn standing outside the van rocking and bouncing Owen who is now fussy. The van is rocking with boys ready to go home.

"They're nowhere Jordyn" I say feeling completely defeated.

"This is SO weird! How could they just disappear?!"

The boys are all staring at me wide eyed. Perhaps they are wondering if this is the moment Mommy loses her marbles.

"Guys, you don't have Mommy's keys do you? Of course you don't... they wouldn't even fit in your pockets....." 

and then I see the bulge in Finley's right pocket.


I don't even wait for the answer.... in a second I am lunging across the car seats and my hand is already reaching in his shallow- but- apparently- big- enough- to- hold- my- van- keys, pocket.

The keys!

The keys were in Finley's pocket THE WHOLE TIME.

I have no clue how he got them or how he squeezed them into his pocket. Nor do I think he was purposely not telling me that he had them either. He's two.

Oh Finn...... :-)

Finn loves to pretend to be asleep....

but he's not.... he thinks it's the funniest thing in the world....which to us, it kinda is.
(and that's my arm holding a pacifier in Owen's mouth on our trip two weekends ago)

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