Monday, August 19, 2013

Colin's first time to the movies


This week you and I went on a date to the movies. It your first time to the movies and I don't know who was more excited, you or me! 

As we went to leave the house, you stopped me and said, "Mommy, will you brush my hair? I want to be handsome for the movies."

Oh. My. God. It was the sweetest thing ever.

So I brushed your hair and then we were off.

We got popcorn, found our seats and watched Planes. A few times during the show you crawled over and sat in my lap. Once, you turned to me and said, "this is AMAZING, right?" I watched your little boy hands picking up the popcorn and your legs dangling off the edge of the seat.You're growing up so fast little man. 

Thanks for being my date to the movies! 

Made me think back on this day, also a favorite memory with you.

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