Thursday, May 2, 2013

35 weeks!


Chris took this picture yesterday after we came home from Colin's soccer game. It was a beautiful, warm night.

We were sitting out in the front yard while the boys played and it occurred to me that I'm now 35 weeks along! And then it occurred to me that there aren't many photos of me pregnant this time around. I'm usually the one taking pictures of our family.

So Chris snapped a shot.

And now I know why people at Target, the grocery store, Lowes and my other frequented spots are suddenly asking me when I'm due. This baby looks just about done!

I'm feeling pretty good, just suddenly bigger.

I was looking to see if there was a picture of me 34 weeks pregnant with the triplets to compare and instead I stumbled upon this post. It brought tears to my eyes because I still remember so vividly how difficult those last few weeks of pregnancy were. I really can't complain this time around! It's getting harder to chase the boys, pick them up, tackle diaper changes and fit them on my lap but other than that, we're doing great! I'm getting SO excited to meet him.

On the way to preschool today, Colin said, "Is _____ going to arrive soon?!"   **

"Yup, soon!"

"Good. I want to see what he looks like."

** (______ because although we call him by his name around the house all the time, we're waiting until his birth to share it with others)


Ella Ralph said...

Wow you are just the cutest pregnant person ever! You're carrying so neatly! I guess you feel pretty small after carrying triplets ;-) looking forward to hearing the name of your new bundle! Xx

Amanda said...

OMG, you're so cute. It's like you're hiding a basketball under your shirt. :)