Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meijer Gardens Butterfly Exhibit

Today we took the boys to see the butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. We'd kept hearing about this exhibit and how great it is. So today, we finally went!

The boys LOVED it!

Basically, you walk through a conservatory and there are all different kinds of butterflies everywhere. It was so fun to see how excited they got with all the butterflies flying around. 

I love days like this when a simple outing breaks up the monotony and reminds me how special it is to  be their mom and watch them grow. I love watching them experience new things. The world is still so new to each of them.

Today I loved being able to see the awe and wonder on their faces as they took in their surroundings. A room filled with butterflies. 

I tried to get a group picture when we first walked into the conservatory but my efforts were quickly thwarted!

I couldn't compete with butterflies soaring past!

Me and my boys. All five of them :-)

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