Tuesday, April 23, 2013

March madness

My husband made us waffles this morning... yum! Totally satisfying my pregnancy appetite this morning. I was even able to take my waffles and sneak away hide for a few minutes, which is how I've found myself here. Blogging, looking out the window over our backyard and eating waffles in peace and quiet. Lovely. It's the little things....

The best part of my waffles though?

Our homemade maple syrup. I gotta give props to my husband who I thought was loosing his mind when he started making his own taps out of piping and asking me to save all milk containers.

"I'm going to start making maple syrup" he announced one day early in March.

"How do you even know how to do that??" I'd replied.

That's often my response to his project ideas because I don't have a clue how to do stuff like this! If nothing else, I'd have to read up on it or take a class. But he just knows.

So- for weeks in March, Chris would jet outside whenever he had a break (or needed a break from the chaos- haha!), and I'd watch him quickly collect the sap and monitor the burner boiling the sap in our back yard. Seriously, this guy was boiling sap for weeks (it takes about 36 gallons of sap to make about one gallon of syrup).

I teased him a lot about it but here I sit on this spring morning enjoying delicious homemade maple syrup from our backyard. It's sooooo good! And we have lots more jars to enjoy over many months.

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