Thursday, April 18, 2013

A week of firsts

On Tuesday Colin started soccer. He was nervous about it and truthfully not even really that interested in playing. However, we thought it could be good for him to branch out beyond tools and construction, learn a little about soccer and be part of a team. We also thought it would be a nice way to meet other families since we still feel so new here. Chris is the team coach so that made it a lot easier to convince Colin to give it a try.

As I sat on the sidelines with the trips, I could see Colin beaming ear to ear and I felt so relieved. He was having fun! 


The triplets were SO itching to get out there too! Especially Everett! They all kept yelling, "Me next. Next!" 

Their day will come. 

Everett finally getting a chance after the game
Carter, Finn, and Everett
The kids practice for 30 minutes and then play a game for 30 minutes. During the game, Colin hardly touched the ball. He basically just ran around following the crowd. If the coaches had been keeping score, we would have lost (they don't keep score at this age). But that night in Colin's bedtime prayers he said, "Dear God, thank you that I am such a great soccer player."

I'm so thankful that it was such a good experience and I hope his confidence continues to build. 


The other first we experienced this week was meeting my niece Reese Annabel. Oh. My. Goodness is she cute!!! People always say that about a new baby but seriously Reese is beyond cute! Off the charts. And that's my unbiased opinion. The boys loved spending time with cousin "Mimi" and meeting baby Reese. I loved catching up with my sister-in-law. Oh how I wished they lived closer.....

Colin and Macy

Feeding Reese with lots of helpers!

 Reese is one of the most chill babies I've ever come across. She was totally fine with lots of little, sometimes awkward hands helping and others crawling all around us!

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