Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Trips Turn Two- Part Two! Party Time!

The trips turned two on March 29th which I wrote about here. We had a low key day because we planned to really celebrate on Saturday. 

Chris and I decorated the living room the night before. Colin and I went out and picked up a bunch of balloons for each of them and tied them on their chairs. We also picked up Winnie the Pooh decorations. Carter, Finn and Everett love the Winnie the Pooh movie- pretty much demand that it's turned on whenever we're in the car! But when I looked for Winnie the Pooh birthday decorations, I had no luck. Well, I did have some luck because low and behold, there were Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations and we made it work! 

Everett made quite a birthday entrance Saturday morning by falling all the way down the stairs. It was 6:30 a.m. and it scared the crap out of us. It scared him too but surprisingly, he was unhurt. Kids are so resilient! The balloons waiting on his chair also helped dry the tears pretty quick.

Later that day, Aunt Katie arrived with even more balloons! 

Colin wanted to get the boys their own power tools (also kind of a gift to himself since he picked ones that coincidentally he also "needed"). He's no fool. Each of the boys now has their own tool box with a few power tools inside. Colin was SO excited for them to open his presents and the boys loved them. As a side note, I should have gifted myself some ear plugs for when they are all turned on at the same time :)

We got the boys a baby doll. I wasn't sure how they'd respond to it or if they'd be into pretend play with a baby but given that we're having a baby (in only about two months!), I thought having a pretend baby around might be a good idea. They've really surprised me by how interested they are in playing with the baby. Especially Finn. He was so cute on the day of the party. He kept carrying the baby around and even took him outside where he pushed him all over the yard, stopping to feed him a bottle every now and again. They'll be such good big brothers!

As a side note, I could write a whole blog post on how frustrating it is to shop for a boy baby or any pretend baby supplies. Every store I went into sold 99 percent girl dolls (it took me three stores to find a boy doll). I had the same experience years ago when shopping for a baby boy for Colin. I wanted a boy doll since we're having a baby boy. Also, almost all the accessories are pink. Nothing against pink but seriously does it ALL have to be pink?? It's all so catered to little girls. However, I think it's also important for boys to have opportunities to play house and care for a baby. Anyhoo....

Aunt Katie was generous enough to bring our favorite cupcakes (again!) from Chicago. YUMMMM!!! 

 Happy Birthday Carter!

Happy Birthday Everett!

 Happy Birthday Finn!

Happy Big Brother Day Colin!

It was such a special day! 
Not all of our family could be there as everyone lives out of town, but our parents, Chris's sister Katie and my brother Gavin were able to make the trip and it meant so much to us. We couldn't have made it through these first two years of raising triplets without their support, so celebrating with each of them only seemed fitting!

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