Thursday, March 28, 2013

30 weeks

I realized that I'm 30 weeks preggers today.

Homestretch here we come!

I realized this while driving home from Lowe's with about 50 hook options for our new foyer. We have been busting our butts to get our list of "projects we must have done before baby arrives" completed asap. It has been a long few weeks attacking project after project but late last night after putting together playroom furniture Chris and I looked around and felt pretty excited by how the house is coming together. When we first walked through this house with our realtor my only thought was, "No. Way". I thought it was too small, not conducive to raising small children because of the floor plan, and WAY too outdated. But now, ten months later the hard work is paying off and its transforming into our home, with our style and a much more functional layout, if say, you're raising five little boys. I can almost see the finish line!

So yes, we've been uber busy.... so busy in fact, that I missed my OB appointment on Tuesday. Just plum forgot. As soon as the lovely receptionist called to inform me of this I felt a wave of guilt come over me because I never would have missed an OB appointment for Colin or the Trips. Their pregnancies were all consuming, Colin being my first and the trips being, triplets. But with your fifth..... well, life is so busy and before you know it, you're 30 weeks and your belly is bigger and you realize you should probably start trying to remember where you put that bin of newborn clothes.

However, every so often in the midst of the busyness, like today while driving home from Lowe's, it will hit me. We're having another baby. I get to experience a newborn again. And not just any newborn but this little peanut inside my belly who starts kicking as soon as his brothers go to bed and the house gets quiet. It makes me all mushy just thinking about snuggling with a new baby, nursing him, studying his features, getting to know his likes and dislikes.... what a blessing. Seriously.... I can't wait..... although I do want to get these home renovations done :)

Dear little man in my belly,

Don't let the busyness of our days or the fact that I can't remember those darn OB appointments fool you, you are in our minds and hearts all the time. Your brothers like to pull up my shirt and say, "Hi baby!". Colin reads to you and asks if you can hear the book alright. He plays his guitar for you. You've been named for a while now and your name is spoken every day around here. Colin will often whine that it's taking too long for you to grow. He wants to you to arrive now! (don't listen to him, you take your sweet time). Point is, we're all so excited about you. And we're busting our butts to get this house ready to welcome you home (even though I'm guessing you won't care. You'll probably just want milk and snuggles).

Carter helping to pick paint colors
Colin, testing out chairs at IKEA

Colin, testing out the ice cream at IKEA, after I've purchased most of the store
Chris, putting together an IKEA toy bin.... Chris *hates* putting together IKEA furniture!....but he loves me so he does it :)
Finn, ready to help
Colin, carrying out dry wall bits. Goodbye useless front hall closet which was crowding the already small foyer!

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