Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthdays and present making

March is the month of birthdays around here. All my guys (except baby #5!) have March birthdays.

Chris's birthday is tomorrow and the triplet's birthday is next Friday.

Colin has been busy making presents in his upstairs workshop. Yesterday afternoon, he kept asking to go upstairs and work on his gifts. I thought it was so cute and great that he could play independently for short periods in his room.

I had no idea the "work" he was doing....

Turns out the gifts he was making came from random items he'd found while rummaging through boxes still unpacked from our move almost a year ago, and grabbing lotions, diapers, towels and other items from the upstairs bathrooms.

His room was a mess but he assured me that he had it all under control. He said that he even had a gift for me.

"Awe, thank you."

"I wonder what it is...."

With that he handed me an enormous bag and inside I found quite the assortment of gifts.

Two diapers, lotions without caps, and the best part, a seat and bucket from a training potty which I wasn't positive had been cleaned thoroughly since one of the triplets tried it out the previous night before bath.

"Do you love it?!" Colin asked, with a huge smile on his face.


Then tonight, my parents stopped by on their way through town to say "hi" and give Chris his birthday gift. Once Colin realized that birthday gifts were being given he jumped up and said,

"WAIT! I have a gift for Daddy upstairs in my workshop!" and then he sprinted up the stairs.

I warned those around me that it could be a toilet.

But it wasn't.

He'd carefully boxed up two finger paints, car screws and a re-purposed a Valentine's day card.

It was sort of heart melting to be honest..... because he stood there SO proud to give it to Chris.

My Dad also found this sign which he gave to both Colin and Chris:

Colin's nightstand/ workbench
Once Colin figured out what the words said, he once again sprinted back up to his workshop to put the sign there.


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