Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Waffles heal all?

Brothers- in good times and when fighting the flu
Not a lot of blogging going on because we are STILL not well in this house! The boys were healthy for about five minutes before Colin (and myself too this time) caught another flu bug. The above picture was taken when all the boys were sick though. I was heading upstairs and saw my camera laying there (never a good spot to leave your camera....) so I went to pick it up and take it back to my room when I saw Colin lean over to comfort Finn. One of those moments that as a mom makes your heart swell a bit. I love when I see them care for one another, in between fighting over toys. They didn't even notice me quickly snap their picture. Poor Everett, he was so sick. Thanks in large part to being a preemie, he somehow always has the most respiratory involvement whenever illness strikes our home. He was so miserable. 


Last night was the BCS bowl game. We were SO excited to cheer on the Irish. 

Finn wore his football onesie under his green outfit all day.

Everett wore his ND hat, on an off. 

My brother Gavin was at the game and sent a video to Colin from outside the stadium, which Colin watched about fifty times. 

Yup, we all couldn't wait for this game!

And then we realized that ESPN wasn't going to stream the game online... a BIG problem for us because we don't get cable. (We've been trying life with only a Roku box). 

There was a bit of panic (okay, A LOT of panic) in the Miller household, along with the thought about whether to take the boys to the bar down the street (ruled out for many reasons including the fact that's a completely INSANE idea). The game didn't even start until 8:30, well past bedtime.

So Chris kept trying to figure out a way.

Notice what is happening in the background as Chris tries again and again to find the game online....

Those trips.... they are always up to mischief, especially when we are distracted. Poor Colin is on the couch, too sick to participate in the naughtiness. :(

Silly boys.

We ended up watching the game by skyping my father in law and watching it through the camera on his computer. The quality was pretty good actually and it was fun to feel like we were watching the game with my in-laws, who are huge ND fans.... although by now you know how the game ended.

Painfully and poorly for Notre Dame.

This morning we drown our sorrows in waffles (actually the boys didn't even know or care the results of the game). Plus Colin was home sick from school and not enthusiastic about much of anything.

I think when I told Colin that ND lost, his response was something like, "Oh"

Someday you'll care though boys.... I just know it. You are your father's sons.

ND blood runs deep in your veins.

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