Sunday, December 30, 2012

I survived the Christmas of 2012

Our boys are so sick, the poor guys.

Everett, Finn, Olive and I
It all started Sunday when while at my in-laws, Colin developed a cough and fever. Since then, we've had moments when we thought everyone was getting better, only to have them seemingly get worse.

Right now, I'm sitting outside the boys doors (Colin says it helps him fall asleep when I sit outside for a bit) and all I hear is a chorus of coughing. :-( I feel so bad for them.

This morning we finally took them to the doctor. Our doctor is really great... he's new to us since we only recently moved here, but today's visit confirmed that he is the right doc for us. We arrived like a coughing tornado through the office, barely fitting into the examination room. He was so patient with the boys, and took so much time with us in general, explaining things and going over their individual issues and treatment plans (all have the flu to varying degrees, but one also has a slight ear infection and one has more serious respiratory involvement... it's a preemie thing unfortunately).

Colin was tested for influenza and bingo, that's the winner. Yes, he had his flu shot, but I guess it's not a 100 percent gaurentee of protection. The doctor explained that lots of times when people get sick, they say, "I've got the flu" but it's not really the flu. The true flu, yikes, it's really nasty and hard to kick.

I feel awful because at first we thought that Colin had a mild something or other that would surely pass in a day or two (he rarely gets sick). We continued to see our families.... who are now pretty much all sick. Had we known what was hitting our family, we would have high tailed it out of there at the first sign of sickness and holed up in our house. Lessoned learned.

Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood. This week we've experienced middle of the night vomiting attacks while sleeping with the vomiting little (it's like the worst alarm wake up EVER), diarrhea in the bathtub (O.M.G never thought about that when I thought envisioned parenting), and not a lot of sleep. But we're in this together. I keep trying to focus on the positives which is that this too shall pass, we're all together safe and the cuddles right now are endless. All they want to do is cuddle.

Tonight, as we put the kids down for bed, Chris and I thought it might be appropriate to get t-shirts made when this little parenting adventure passes.

I survived the Christmas of 2012.

There was lots of laying around this week...

Medicine time

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