Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

Finally I'm posting some pictures from Christmas. As I've said, the boys were sick for much of the holiday but we still managed to have fun (and unfortunately, unknowingly expose our loved ones to the flu!). Sorry! We thought it was just a cough....

After this lovely morning, we headed to the Millers. The boys got to spend time with their cousins from Canada which they're always so excited about! Here are the Miller cousins by the tree.... although I had a pretty hard time getting any of them to look at me :)

Colin, Adrian, Gabe, Carter, Finn, Everett

My guys! You can tell that Colin is starting to not feel well.....

 Opening gifts on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas day, thinking that Colin was getting better, we heading up to my parents house. Probably not the best move since all the boys started throwing up after only a day there. But during that short window of time where everyone seemed pretty healthy, we had fun. Taking a cousin's picture at my parent's house proved just as hard. haha

Macy, Colin, Everett, Carter, Finn. We were bribing them to sit with Pirate Booty, which is why they all have their mouths full!

The boys got water bottles, just like big brother Colin uses... and thought they were hot stuff. Oh my goodness, they were so excited about these "big boy" water bottles!

Carter, still clutching his water bottle, with my Dad.

If you have to be sick in bed, nice to have a lovely Christmas tree by your side. My mom always put a Christmas tree by each of our beds growing up.... a tradition that continues to this day.

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Amy said...

That last photo is absolutely magical. What a great capture. And a very belated Merry Christmas to you all.