Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day!

Dear boys,

Today we were basically snowed in. Colin, your preschool was cancelled and besides that no one seemed to be braving the roads to do anything.

So we sat inside and watched the snow fall. It snowed all day long! Unfortunately, it was too cold to go outside :-( Boo! Although Colin, you went out for a few minutes with Chris to shovel.

Chris with the snow blower and Colin with his "snow blower"
The trips watched Chris and Colin work from their usual perch. 

There were moments when I thought you boys were going to crawl the walls out of boredom and that I was going to loose my mind. Like when you were all running around chasing each other and screaming, stopping only to pull stuff off the counters or pull on the curtains

But we also had fun. We juiced kale lemonade, made bread, beet juice pancakes (Colin's recent favorite!), smoothies, and made play dough. Given that you boys were all up before the sun today, we had a lot of time to fill!

I was stunned by how the play dough activity held your attention. I've made play dough with Colin many times, but for you trips, this was a first. I'd always assumed you would just eat the play dough, but I need to give you guys more credit. You did try and eat the play dough a few times, but mostly you just played and enjoyed the novelty of it all. We'll be doing play dough more often from here on out!

Lets hope it warms up just a bit so that we can go out and play in the snow tomorrow. I know you're looking forward to it!

Also, it's supposed to snow again tonight and tomorrow, so you may as well just sleep in. No sense getting up extra early on these freezing cold, snowy days..... your bed is much more comfortable... trust me....... please??

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