Thursday, January 17, 2013

Colin's first official chore

When I first had Colin, this book was my go to reference for everything! I was constantly referencing it for advice and information because being a mom and having a baby was so new. Now, I almost never reference a parenting book, mostly because I don't have time. However, I recently unpacked a box of books left over from our move last summer and came across many of the parenting books I'd so enjoyed and depended on before.

So one night before bed, I picked one up, dusted it off and started scrolling through. I noticed that there are still great nuggets of information to be gleaned, although my perspective as a reader has soooo changed. I found myself reading from a more confident perspective.... not that I think that after four boys I know what I'm doing. Far from it! Many days I feel more clueless than ever. But I'm okay with the state of not knowing. I feel more confident in my own intuition, my own way of mothering as the moments arise. I know now, that the best teachers I have about how to be a mother, are my boys. Each one is different. Each one has their own unique way of being in this world and each one shows me daily, what they need from me.

But so I was reading through this book, and noticed a section about how even young children can start to take responsibility for age appropriate chores. Hmmmm, hadn't thought about that before. But I love the idea of my boys becoming comfortable with chipping in around the house :-)! I'm going to need all the help I can get as they get older, eat even more food and make bigger messes! So the very next day, I explained to Colin what a chore is and asked if he'd be interested in having a special job that he'd be responsible for doing each day.

Holy moly was he ALL OVER IT.

So his job is to wipe down the table after lunch each day. He's got a special bucket that holds his spray bottle, sponge and towel. Each day after the lunch table is cleared, he gets to work. And takes it very seriously.

So far, this routine has lasted well over a week and is still going strong.

I have to wonder though, how long he'll think chores are cool..... I'm not getting my hopes up.

So serious!

Well hello Finn. Would you like a chore?

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