Friday, January 25, 2013

The snow just keeps coming....

and my boys are thrilled, thank you very much!

It has been so beautiful here this week! Finally it really feels like winter. I'm not into the cold temperatures, but if it has to be cold, I'd way prefer snow to grey dreariness. This week I've loved watching the snow fall outside while taking care of the boys. Today, light fluffy flakes fell continuously all day long.

Thankfully, it warmed up just enough so that the boys could actually go outside and play in the snow. Getting them all dressed for the elements is quite a scene. They all need assistance and so it can take awhile. 

 Chris today, starting to dress the trips.

Both times that we've been outside this week, Finn has been the first one ready. He's SO cooperative as if he cannot wait to get outside and into the snow. Then, he doesn't want to come in. So cute.

Off they go!

 Everett chose not to go this time. Sometimes, putting on a coat and gloves just isn't his thing. Instead, we watched from the window and had some great one on one time playing. As we played I realized how rare it is that I get time alone, just to play, with each of the triplets. It was SO nice. 

I think Finn is trying to catch snow on his tongue.

Building "the fort".

Good times!

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