Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love is in the air

Today we decorated for Valentine's Day.

While the boys worked, I asked Colin if he knew what Valentine's Day is about. I explained that it's a day about love and he immediately interrupted and said, "Oh like, so... no hitting or biting on that day?"

I'll go with that.

(biting by the way, comes up in conversation a lot in our house lately because one of the triplets- who shall remain nameless- will occasionally use biting as his go to weapon of choice if he wants a toy, is mad, or feels threatened in any way. It hurts!!!! So we're working on it and in turn, talk a lot about using our words and not biting, hitting or hurting each other). 

But back to our lovely Valentine's Day art projects....

Finn- did the most coloring of the trips. He was really into it!

Everett- did the least drawing of the trips. He was not into it.
Carter, at the head of the table, supervising.

Apples and painting

Working hard

Here's some of our finished decorations. I wrote the children's names on each of the hearts that they colored. I'm so proud of their work. It will be fun to get to look out this cheerful window each day when we eat our meals at the table.

Then it was back to playing,

and I even caught evidence of their brotherly love when they didn't know I was watching.

 It's always there. 

These boys teach me so much about forgiveness and moving on. They'll intensely fight over a toy or cry because someone hurt them in the heat of the moment (and possibly left a bite mark!). They may be furious and yell, scream or demand the person gets a time out or something.... but then it's over. And when the fight is over, it's really over. 

They never look back, never hold a grudge.

And the hugs, camaraderie and laughter always quickly return.

Stay that way with each other boys.

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