Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six years

Since I made a promise to my husband in the Basilica at Notre Dame.

So much has happened in those six years. 

Like four little boys.

So much has changed. 

Like we now live in the suburbs, never go out to dinner past 7 p.m., are tired ALL THE TIME, and haven't had a weekend away since.... since I actually can't remember. 

Sad? nah. I love our life together. 

Saturday night my mom drove here to watch the boys so that we could go out to dinner. We had a wonderful time and as always vowed to try and get more time to go out just us. Us out to dinner, chatting by candlelight is the best.  

I knew I married a good man but the father he is really blows me away. I often wake up to the sound of him making pancakes with the boys or laughing with them downstairs (Yup, he lets me sleep in a lot). To watch him with our boys makes me love him even more, and in a way I couldn't have even predicted when we married six years ago.

Chris's gift to me was that he put up curtains for me in the living room- they look great!! After the boys went to bed we snuggled by the Christmas tree, admired the curtains and ate some strawberry cheesecake ice cream. We may not be fancy but we are happy.

And grateful. 

Back at ND this fall watching the Irish beat Pitt. Most nerve wracking game ever.

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