Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Friday night, let's get crazy!

Friday night is pizza night in our house. You could set your watch by it.

Late afternoon on Friday you will almost always find me in the kitchen making the dough the same exact way that my mom did when I was a little girl. 

This afternoon while chatting with my brother over the computer, I asked what he was doing with my parents who are visiting him tonight.

"Making pizza"

Duh. Of course.

And if I had to bet, I'd say that my other brother Kyle, is also making pizza tonight. It's in our blood.

So this afternoon when I went to make the dough I realized that we are out of flour. 


So we went out for pizza. Within minutes of realizing this huge oversight, we'd loaded the boys into the mini van and drove to the local pizza place. 

Truthfully, it felt really good to do something on a whim. Something "crazy"! Yup, I'm calling taking four young children for pizza with no preplanning and no diaper bag of supplies, "getting a little crazy". With four kids, we don't deviate from the schedule much and it seriously felt kind of freeing to roll into Sluggo's pizza parlor, not knowing how dinner would go with the littles.... but feeling like living on the edge for the night.

Dinner was great....

until someone spilled his lemonade all over the pizza. No joke, the remaining pieces were completely soaked. 

We took that as our sign to jet.

We were still feeling wild so we decided to stop by Lowe's. There are always things we're looking to check out at Lowe's (tonight it was bathroom vanities) and the boys love to check out everything but we rarely go as a family. It was fun to push the boys up and down the aisles and hear them get so excited over lawnmowers, tools, tile and other worker stuff. 

We were home by 7:15 and Chris bathed the triplets while Colin and I cuddled on the couch and he ate a bowl of cereal for snack. He asked me to rub his feet so I did.

Not many years ago it was Chris and I, pizza, wine and meeting up with friends for drinks on a Friday night. Today it's rolling into a strip mall for pizza followed by a trip to Lowe's... with four kids in tow. Sometimes I'm still amazed how different our lives are now; how fast times change.

And I'm so grateful because really, I couldn't imagine anything better.

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