Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh boy....

have I been delinquent with this blog. I'm going to do better!

We have been sick here in the Miller household. The boys have all had colds that just seem to hang on. In turn, they're not sleeping very well. And neither are Chris and I. The other night I was literally up from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. with a few short blocks of sleep in between. The problem is that when the boys have trouble sleeping, they're usually up at separate times. So like on that particular night, Finn was up from 12-2, then Everett and then just as Everett fell back to sleep, Carter woke up. It was Brutal!!

Then Chris got the flu and I haven't felt 100 percent either. In the midst of this, grad school is still there and I'm trying to do my best to keep up..... ahhhh the joys of family life. 

In other news:

Everett is now crawling out of his crib. Yesterday morning I went into the triplets room, and sat in the rocking chair for a minute, chatting with them as I often do. Apparently Everett got tired of waiting and I watched as he pulled himself up onto the side rail of his crib- his muscles were shaking he was working so hard. Then he balanced at the top and launched himself over. It was simultaneously impressive and scary!! Perhaps it's time to look into crib tents??

Colin installed a "talkie talkie" in his bedroom (yup, some people might call this a reading light- don't be fooled, it's a walkie talkie). Chris asked what it was for and he said, "To talk to Grandma Patty, Grandpa, Mom-mom and Pop-pop". Of course!

The trip's had their 18 month appointment on Monday and it was chaos as always! Colin took this picture to capture the experience:

 Everett weighs 25 lbs. 5 oz, Finley weighs 25 lbs. 8 oz lbs. and Carter weighs 24 lbs. 12 oz. As always, I'm so thankful for their good health!

Fall is here! Leaf raking and exploring what's left of the garden are top on the list of favorite fall activities. And shoveling leaves.... and transporting them.... and piling them in different spots around the yards..... all important work!

It's all fun and games until your little brother comes in and gets in the way of your "work".

Notice the shovel/ push my brother out of the way maneuver?

Everett proves that you can rock a Santa pajama top while gardening in October and be totally cool.

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