Monday, September 17, 2012

I love you Finley Joseph

I love your signature walk

I love your sweet smiles, especially that shy smile you give when you catch me watching you play or see me making a silly face at you from across the room. It melts me every time.

I love that you still have some baby fat rolls so that when you run, you jiggle.

I love your kisses; wet, slobbery, and always planted right on my lips.

I love your Buddha belly

I love how you tickle as if you are possessed; hollering and laughing and digging your fingers into my side. It actually hurts but I can't help but laugh because your intention is so pure and sweet.

You arrived screaming out your needs to the world. You wanted to be held, feed, soothed and reassured ALL THE TIME (this is not easy with triplets!). But now you are so easy going.You seem so happy and content with life.

You are caring. Yesterday, when Carter got hurt, you walked across the room, grabbed a pacifier that you'd spied on the floor, walked back to where Carter was crying and presented it to him. I'll never forget that.

You surprise me by how many words you know and by how often you'll suddenly say something knew and totally unexpected. Like blueberry or bellybutton. You seem to know that this surprises me and delight in it.

You still love to snuggle, just like when you were a baby, only now you are getting so big.

You are such a beautiful soul Finley and we have such a deep connection. I feel like we've known each other for a thousand years.

Keep on doing your thing Finley. We love watching you grow.

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