Saturday, September 29, 2012

18 months old today!

We still constantly refer to them as "the babies". As in, "The babies are napping... It's time for the babies to eat... Grab clothes for the babies... What are the babies into?.... Can you take a baby or two with you to the store?".... and on and on.

But I look at the above picture and must acknowledge.... our babies are not really babies anymore. They're little boys.

And these little boys are quite the movers and shakers lately. They know what they want to do, communicate it to us and go for it no matter what. Even if that idea is, "Let's climb on top of ____ and get into ____". Fill in the blanks with whatever.

As they grow, their unique personalities blossom even more. They are each so different and so wonderful in their own right.

Group pictures didn't go as well. Finn is already done!

My big time 3 1/2 year old!

A big leap that I've noticed lately is that Colin and his brothers are starting to be able to play with each other. Sure Colin's ideas are much more advanced, but he seems to have figured out how to include them (when he wants to). I can almost envision the day when perhaps I can cook dinner while they're all nicely playing together.

Case in point:

The choice was to either figure out a way to share the car or take turns. I gotta give it to them, they sure figured out a way to share!

Another thing I'm starting to notice is that wrestling is already common occurrence in our home. What is it with boys that makes them tackle each other out of nowhere??

Love these boys!!!

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