Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Triplet's first haircuts!... and guess who the barber was?


Recently it's become very apparent that the trips needed haircuts. As in, their bangs were covering their eyes, especially Finn and Carter. Everett's hair has grown mostly in the back which I looooove. I could give him a ponytail if I wanted! (which I don't... but I could!!)

Today was hot and muggy and sometime after dinner it occurred to me. Let's have tonight be the night.

First haircuts.

Let's do this!

Have I ever given a haircut before, you ask?


But with four boys, I thought it was worth trying. It would save quite a bit of money over time we figured.

My decision also coincided with my Dad offering his hair cutting kit (not really sure what to call it). It included a smock, scissors, clippers... the works. I bought a spray bottle, lollipops and popsicles for distractions and we were good to go. When my dad was going through Chemo out of state last winter, he got the kit in order to cut off his hair when it started to fall out and get itchy but now he doesn't have a use for it. He likes to go to the barber for his regular haircuts. In truth, my Dad gifting me this nifty hair cutting kit was the push I needed to give this a whirl but from what I've read, it seems that all you really need is a good pair of scissors.

Anyway, I told my Dad I'd take it, did some research just by googling "cutting children's hair" and tried to learn a few basics. From what I could tell the angles you cut on is very important and with kids..... working FAST is extremely important!

I also ran my idea by my own hair dresser who was mostly appalled but supportive. He made me promise to send before and after pics. haha. :)

But I don't think the haircuts turned out that bad. Because we took SO many pics, I'll share those from Finn's haircut here and then share pictures from Carter and Everett's haircuts tomorrow. Carter's facials are pretty funny. I think he had a sense that I'm not a trained professional.

I started with Finn because his hair was really getting in his eyes and I knew that even if the cut turned out terrible, at least he'd be able to see, which felt like a win.

Here he is before we plopped him in the chair. His hair doesn't look like it's in his eyes too bad in this pic but usually it is. I think the humidity and sweat is helping to sweep it back a bit.

Then we set up a chair out on the deck, got out some cookies first (we had the popsicles on reserve) and just dove in. Chris was filming and taking a million pictures the whole time. It is their first haircut after all!

As soon as Colin saw me use the spray bottle to dampen the hair, he was all over it.

"I'll be the sprayer!" he volunteered as he started drenching Finn!

All done!

And look, no hair in his eyes!

More tomorrow!!!

*** And because I mentioned my Dad and chemo in this post and because I've talked about his health on this blog before, I'll just give a quick update on how he's doing. He's doing pretty darn great... especially considering what he's been through. Man was this year hard for both my parents! He still continues Chemo and his counts are low (which is reflective of his immune system) but he feels good and most importantly the chemo is working to beat back the myeloma. Although he continues aggressive treatment, he's considered in full remission!

Here's a picture of he and Colin celebrating his birthday just last week.


Karen said...

So cute! I cut both my girls' hair for the first time recently. They were not amused. I have cut Casey's hair for the past ten years, so you would think they would trust me! Haha. I'm so glad to hear about your dad. I love hearing positive follow-up stories :)

Lakisha Gelb said...

For a newbie, I might say, your work was awesome. =) The haircut looks neat and stylish. If you didn’t mention that you just Googled the steps on how to do a haircut, I wouldn't know. It seems like you were a pro already. Should you like to explore and dive into the field of hair styling, especially for kids, you can enroll at a cosmetology school, so you can have a deeper knowledge about it. =)