Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy doesn't take science questions after 8 pm

I usually write these posts while waiting for the boys to fall asleep, often with a glass of wine in hand. It's kind of how I unwind, make sense of the day, cherish the day or laugh at the day.

The boys all still share a room and Colin likes knowing that I'm in the room next door, "working" until he falls asleep.

Anyway, just now as I'm writing, he walks in all serious, stands by the side of the bed that I'm kicked back in, computer on my lap. And says, "Mommy I have a question."

Me: "Sure, what is it?"

C: "Does it take a long time for the sun to come back up?"

Me: "Yup. Until morning when you wake up."

C: "Well, how does that work? How does the sun go away and come back?"

Me: "Uhhhhh.... ummmm.....well......"

In my head: "Darn it, where is Chris when I need him?! How do I answer this? Should I make up an answer or say God just does it? Give him the real answer? Wait? What IS the real answer? I'm having a brain freeze.... I should know this!!! I DO know this.... come on basic science, kick in. KICK IN!!! Wait. Why is he asking me this anyways?! I thought he was in bed and my mind could start to turn off. I just want to drink my glass of wine and chill out finally. Haven't these munchins put me through enough today without asking me solar system questions when they should be asleep?!"

Crap, he's for sure not leaving until I give him an answer.

Me: "Well, you see, this is the earth (lot's of hand gesturing accompanies this complex explanation for emphasis). We're on earth and.... it's like a ball..... I mean it is a ball and it moves. It moves around the sun. Sooooooooo..... sometimes it's light and sometimes it's dark."

We stare each other down for a minute.

He's thinking.

And I'm thinking that I'm a dummy pants. He's NEVER going to be satisfied with this crap-o-la answer.

C: "Oh. Ok. Goodnight Mommy."

And now 10 minutes later, he's fast asleep.

And I'm left here thinking three things:

1. Thank God he didn't have follow-up questions about how the solar system works.

2. I have this sneaking suspicion that the questions only get harder from here on out.

3. I need to brush up on my basic science.

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